Saturday, 1 February 2014

hello, is anyone out there?

Okay, a blog. Do I need a blog? Do I want a blog? I'm not sure really. I love reading blogs and follow so many. In fact I've just waded through 122 unread posts on bloglovin. But I've so far resisted writing one of my own. I'm on instagram of course, you can find me @hannlib, but I do find I sometimes just have so much more to say than can be said on IG. What can I say, I love to talk.

So ..... Here I am.

Me. I'm Hannah. I live in south Yorkshire with my lovely husband and our 2 super lovely girls aged 4 and just 1. I've had a varied career in the NHS and more recently a successful direct sales business but I've given it all up to go full time at the best job in the world. Being a mummy.

I started sewing in 2011 when I decided to make my eldest girl a quilt. At that time I had never used a sewing machine. But I joined the kaleidoscope quilt along with don't call me Betsy and got hooked. I'm totally self and internet taught. I got totally obsessed. I love sewing. Quilts, bags, clothes for the girls. I LOVE fabric (more on that later...). I love piecing, crisp points, quilt blocks and quilt tops. Quilting, not so much but needs must. I love a big project. I love a challenge. My first quilt was a kaleidoscope, my first bag the notorious but awesome Amy Butler weekender. I love learning new stuff.

And talking. Did I mention I love to talk?

Oh the blog title ... Sewing and slinging represents my dual obsession with bits of pretty cloth. As well as the usual quilty textile obsession I'm also one of those weird hippy mummies who carries their baby in long pieces of patterned cloth rather than, you know, putting them in a buggy. When tiny girl was really tiny she slept long hours in a sling while I sewed. I had this romantic sewing, slinging bloggy idea so I set it up. And did nowt, obviously. We still sling, she's never actually been in a buggy (even though I own 2) but truly, don't expect a blog post about it. It's just the way things are round here. Oh and if I try to sew while she's slung she wakes up now. But I do have some very pretty slings indeed ... And a blog just called 'sewing' wouldn't be very catchy really.

Okay I'll stop talking and try to figure out how to post this ....


  1. Hi Hannah. Great to see your blog. Di x

  2. I miss my slings now! Might have to drag out my old Lana and pop DS onto my back for tomorrow's dog walk... if he'll let me!

  3. Finding your blog has been on my todo list for days!! So pleased you started one!


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