Monday, 10 February 2014

A quick finish and a quilt back

I did just as promised and turned my extra pinwheel block into a cushion this weekend. I had a real push at the end of last year and the beginning of this to finish up some WIPs and I hate having UFOs hanging about. With no other plans for this block a cushion was the obvious answer.

I don't make many cushions really. We aren't really cushion people so they end up shoved down the back of the sofa, or my eldest rests her dinner on it - horror!! It's a shame as they can be pleasing makes.

This was all about a quick finish so I went for an envelope back rather than my usual zipper. It's a bit gapey, I think I like a zipper better. I was going to hand quilt it, for all of about 3 minutes, then I came to my senses and did a simple 1" diagonal grid in white (2021) Aurifil 50wt - my go to quilting and piecing thread.  I marked up the grid with my Hera marker and quilted it while watching Jenny Jones win Britain's first ever Olympic medal on snow in the snowboard slope style. I hardly ever put the TV on on a Sunday daytime so was super pleased to catch this.

I was going to bind it but couldn't make a decision and decided I cba after all and so just finished it up quickly. I even made my own cushion pad after seeing the idea on Crazy Mom Quilts (*I saw this idea on a blog somewhere this week but can't remember where - if anyone knows please shout up and I will add a link* eta added now thank you!). But turns out a 20" cushion pad needs more than an entire bag of poly stuffing to make it pleasingly plump. Who knew?! A feather one is on the way.

Despite its sagginess dd1 has adopted it into her cushion pile in her room, where it clashes somewhat with the ubiquitous pink colour scheme!

It is backed with some precious Mama Said Sew text print (sewing guide in black). I had yards of this and my gut inclination is to hoard it but that's silly isn't it? This year as part of fabriholics anonymous I need to slash my stash. Use the prints I love, then at the end I'll destash those I don't. No hoarding. I am not a hoarder, use it and love it or lose it!

I tried to keep this in mind while letting my husband chose a backing for the playground quilt which he has claimed as his own. I did veto a couple of pieces but went ahead with roughly a yard each of leftover kona olive, Essex yarn dyed black linen, a blue Andover wickerweave (bought to make unlikely to ever happen shorts for DD1) and more of that precious sewing guide print. Don't worry folks I have more of that and the yarn dyed ... More work to be done on letting go I think! Well I can't buy anything else and a year is a long time!

Anyway back all pieced last night and ready to baste.

Except I need batting ... Considering investing in a roll. Anyone seen any great offers lately?


  1. It's a great cushion, and glad to see your daughter moving outside the pink zone ;) I bought a roll of wadding from Lady Sew and Sew - they normally have quite good offers on x

  2. Nice cushion! Mine make cars, dens, tractors, beds and everything else with cushions, and I've had to give up being precious about them! What Sonia said re Lady Sew and Sew, I got the eco-blend and really like it.

  3. Fab cushion well done, great use of a potential ufo too! I have a nightmare with the wadding issue, it makes my head hurt, with all of the different widths, lengths and prices at Lady Sew and Sew, I need to work out the cost per metre square, and order some myself, once i'm back to sewing! :o)

  4. Good on you for getting rid of a UFO so quickly (so quickly that I don't think that it actually qualified as a UFO!) I've decided that the girl's quilts are the girl's quilts and any pen marks/stains/holes are signs that they are used. I'm not making a quilt for our bed until they're teenagers ;0)

    I fourth(?) Lady Sew and Sew for wadding. And the cushion pad tute was on Crazy Mom.


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