Saturday, 1 February 2014

fabriholics anonymous


So, that fabric obsession. Last year it got a bit out of control. I love to buy stuff, in the past it has been handbags, shoes, saucepans, slings. Last year it was fabric. So. Much. Fabric. I love the thrill of a new line, a sale, a free shipping coupon. I have no willpower. I love planning projects. So many projects. And buying new stuff for them. I love having a stash, being able to just grab things from my shelves and create. I hate paying shipping, no shipping costs from my stash!

@pinkcastlefabrics it's normally a lot tidier than this but I am in the midst of a marcelle medallion fabric frenzy!! Anyway I am really lacking yellow. #stashstackclub #pinkcastlefabrics
This looks alright, doesn't it? I have bought a lot of fabric since this photo was taken ....

But that project list. Works not quite in progress I call them (wnqips). On last count it had about 22 items on it. Quilts, bags, clothes. All stuff that I have the pattern, the fabric, most of the notions for. And they just keep getting overlooked in favour of a new thrill. So after Christmas I took the fabric fast pledge, bravely led by Rebecca and Jess. Obviously I did some Christmas sale panic stashing. So January has been a breeze. Still new stuff arriving. But we're a month in and I haven't made a single fabric purchase. Or a swap. I've even destashed a bit, selling all my guilt inducing scraps in the #greatukfabricdestash on IG. I am no lover of scraps, there are no scrap projects on that huge wnqip list and if there's one sure thing in sewing it is that you will always make more scraps!

I have been deleting tempting emails and blog posts as they arrive but still maintaining an awareness of new lines. Not too much to tempt me yet, I am SO glad that Angela and I snuck in a preorder for Hello Petal on December 31st or I would have fallen at the first hurdle. I quite like the look of Wee Wander, but I can cope. In fact I'm finding the out and out no fabric decision easier than mentally weighing up and justifying every possible purchase.

^ see,who could resist this?

So into February! And starting lots of new projects. With all that stash ...


  1. Well done, I found January easy too, in fact knowing I'm not buying means not looking. It's also meant I've found more time to focus on my etsy shop and selling which in turn means I can pay for our trip to London at easter, train tickets and apartment! Will it get harder?

  2. Love the fabrics in that bundle. I can understand why you couldn't resist


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