Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Fabric wanties

Don't worry fabric police, I'm not about to leap off the fabric fast wagon. No no, I'm a fully signed up member of fabriholics anonymous with no plans to break that pledge anytime soon.


But that doesn't make me immune to the fabric wanties, does it? My Instagram, Bloglovin feed, email inbox are all brimming with brand new pretties and while I'm trying to just ignore and delete, to be honest that's leaving me feeling a little flat. I love fabric, new things, the thrill of a new collection, planning new projects, waiting for a great offer. And all the lovely collections previewed at Quilt Market are just coming into shops now. Of course these are the reasons I've signed up to fabric fast, along with the out of control stash of course. But I do love all the fabric temptation, it is everywhere and gives me inspiration. Somehow knowing I can't buy anything new has stolen my sewjo a little.

So rather than just pretending it doesn't exist I've decided to acknowledge what's lovely and new and tempting at the moment. I'm not buying! But if I was buying this is what I'd buy. Maybe you could all buy?! Then I can live vicariously through you ....

Top of the list is Wee Wander by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller.

Lovely image from

I mean seriously. I am not the biggest fan of pictorial/ novelty type prints (I make a special exception for every single one of Aneela Hoey's fabric lines) but I just love this. Maybe it's because I have two girls ... I'm afraid gender sterotyping is alive and well in this house and my 4 year old would just LOVE this. I love the corally pink and the aqua and the fireflies and the little horses. Sigh. This one grabbed me when I saw the pictures from Quilt Market, maybe because I was (am ...?) still swirling with baby hormones and Sarah Jane had her adorable baby son along there with her? There's a blog hop going on on Sarah Jane's blog too with all sorts of inspiring loveliness. I love this lattice quilt by Emily Carr from Simple Girl Simple Life.

Image from
Anyway. Super cute. If you are weaker than me then Pink Castle have full range bundles and Annie at The Village Haberdashery is getting the whole range in too! Gah.

Then of course there is Catnap by Lizzy House for Andover fabrics. That claim that I don't like novelty prints is coming unravelled rapidly, isn't it? Anyway I'm not a huge cat fan either but Lizzy's blenders are some of the best. Her jewels are my favourite ever binding print.And these teeny mice!

Image from

Also popping up in shops this week is Meadow by Leah Duncan for Art Gallery fabrics. I had forgotten about this one until now. Green is my absolute favourite colour and I find it is hard to find great greens in fabric collections. And here they are.With lovely oranges, yellows and blues too. Sigh. I don't think this has hit the UK yet but I'm sure it will soon.

All images above from

Ah, I could go on, but I think I should stop, I'm just making myself feel miserable ;-)
Not really, I am enjoying all my lovely fabric and getting on with some long planned projects.

I know that Anna Maria Horner often tops many people's wanties lists, and I've been playing with some of her beautiful voile this week, fabrics I bought last year and had almost forgotten I had.

This makes me happy.

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  1. I say exactly the same thing about novelty fabrics, and cats, and i really want some of both of these lines, the Leah Duncan line is also calling to me! I'm not actually on the fabric diet, but my stash is obscene, and I really need to abstain, so i am at the moment, just- although i do have a Village Hab voucher which is burning a hole in my pocket...

  2. I have just fallen for Zen Chic's Sphere! I'm hoping someone chooses it in the STQB which will hopefully mean that I get to play with it without buying it! Love the Sarah Jane prints too, especially the dark blue panels…*sigh*….x

  3. Ooo I agree on the Wee Wander, but my girls wouldn't like it so it would be wasted on me! I've been stitching away with Leah Duncan's Tule and it's really grown on me, love the new one too.

  4. Pretty picks! I feel the same way I think they look prettier since I can't buy! Good luck staying strong!

  5. You forgot you had Anna Maria Horner fabrics? Oh, lol! She is on my wish list! And Jennifer Paganelli (Sis Boom) and Kaffe Fasset. :)

  6. Love your stars. Also, wanties are evil. Got them bad....

  7. Crap you are killing me - all of these fabrics are amazing and I haven't seen any of them yet! AGH! DYING OVER HERE!


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