Friday, 7 February 2014

Better together

Funny how a pile of not entirely inspiring blocks can turn into something altogether more exciting once pieced together.

Quilt top done! #simplyretro @thimbleblossoms  #happygoluckyfabric

I love it now. So does my husband, who is claiming it as "his" quilt.

Just need to raid the stash and cobble together a backing. I know that backings are officially allowed as part of the fabric fast but at this stage in proceedings (and given the amount of 1 yard+ cuts in my stash) I think that would be cheating, frankly. 


  1. Woohoo, looking good! I'm not buying backings either, for the same reason :) Means my pile of fabric assigned to be made into skirts and dresses is actually being used though!

  2. I like the green background. Personally I love a pieced back. Di x

  3. Looks fab, looking forward to seeing your pieced backing, it's a great way to work through the stash :o)

  4. Love it! That Olive Kona really does set it off nicely.

    I'm not on the fabric fast but I spent two days last week putting together a pieced back from stash - I got rid of a lot of fabric that I really wasn't feeling the love for :-)


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