Sunday, 14 December 2014

Sunday stash

I may be giving away little bits of my stash for SMS giveaway day but fear not, the Black Friday sales have seen it well replenished.

I am planning to fabric fast again for (at least) the first 6 months of 2015, but it seemed churlish not to shop at this time of year when there are so many fabulous sales and offers on so many gorgeous fabrics. I know my resolve will be greater if my stash is strong, so I'm stocking up now.

I went a bit wild at Pink Castle Fabrics who had a truly awesome Black Friday sale.

First package was filled with yardage of Handcrafted by Alison Glass. 

I've been admiring this for some time and wanting some dressmaking cuts. That beautiful purple border print (3rd from bottom) has already been chopped up to make a new Geranium dress for my biggest girl. Unfortunately I failed to notice that big girls now need 2 yards of fabric for their size of Geranium. My shortfall, plus the constraints of the border print, has necessitated some rather creative cutting, so we will see how that turns out!

Happily my husband gave me the go-ahead to fill a second flat rate envelope, bless him. I wanted to fill some holes in my half yard stash so I once again selected a couple of half yard half stack bundles from the Stash Stack club (pink and yellow/green). Then added in some orange, aqua and grey blender prints to fill that envelope. Pink Castle can fit 10.5 yards of quilting weight cotton in a flat rate envelope, no point ever wasting that space!

This rainbow makes me happy

It is so hard choosing fabrics online so I was absolutely thrilled with how pretty this selection turned out to be.

And then finally a real treat. I am a big fan of Bonnie and Camille fabrics, but own surprisingly little. They are always big collections you see - forty prints or so - and I can never quite bring myself to buy the whole collection bundles. But they are so pretty, and so a layer cake it a good compromise. I've been fancying some Miss Kate for some time, and when I saw that Westwood Acres had some in their sale I couldn't resist.

Sorry, appalling photo taken in the dark!

I know you have to squint a bit to see but that's a half yard bundle of the Miss Kate scallops together with the layer cake. Gotta fill that envelope!

Right, I'm off to sell the contents of my house on Ebay to pay for this lot!

And linking up with the glorious Molli Sparkles too.

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  1. Great stashing, I must pay more attention to the Stash Club bundles! Aren't husbands great, I'm totally with you on the filling an FRE! Did you escape the HMRC too?

  2. Love your goodies, think Pink Castle had the best sales :) I was so lucky to be gifted the entire fat quarter bundle of Mimosa, havent stopped oohing and ahhing since it arrived :) Look forward to see what you create :)

  3. I've been seeing a lot of Miss Kate on blogs these days - such a great line!


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