Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Hello lovely blog readers and Happy New Year to you all!

I'm starting 2015 as I absolutely do not intend to go on, with a ridiculously late night (saw in the new year plus 3 extra hours), a mild hangover and an ill advised Chinese takeaway because we forgot to take the roasting joint out of the freezer. I'm thinking 3 more days of indulgence then back on the wagon next week.

Anyway, sewing. December has been a busy one as for everyone. I have sewn, but as usual the effort of taking and uploading photos to the blog has proved too much. Not helped by the fact I seem to have scratched my phone camera so it only takes appalling blurry photos. And there are no daylight hours when I am unmithered by sweet small children. So as usual some crummy photos coming right up, apologies.

Anyway what did I make in amongst the busyness?

Some dresses for my girls. Two Geraniums for biggest girl and a sweet little Go Anywhere dress for the tiny one. I want to sew more with knits next year and this is an easy start. 

Geranium dress size 6T. Pleated skirt, faux cap sleeves, cut out neckline. Fabric by Anna Maria Horner. Can you just see the awesome blue leopard lining??

Finished this @madebyrae #geraniumdress late last night for today's school Christmas party. Better pictures when more light .... #alisonglasshandcrafted @alisonglass
Geranium dress 6T. Gathered skirt with extra width, sleeveless bodice. Fabric is Handcrafted by Alison Glass. 

Go Anywhere Dress size 12-18m. Briar Rose knit by Heather Ross

A simple Elsa dress hack too, no way I was making another sequinned lined voile bodice in this teeny size!! This is just a gathered satin skirt on a bought cotton top with a removable cape velcro-ed to the back.

Our vaguely festive churn dash was finished at the start of the month and had been happily snuggled under all Christmas. I need to write a blog post on this for the FAL, watch this space! I'm always very happy to pack the Christmas stuff away, and always before the New Year, but I know it'll be wonderful to get this out again next year among with my Snowy Starry Night quilt.

And the Christmas downtime allowed me to make a start on the little blue bird crewel work project that I bought at Harrogate knitting and stitching show. I haven't done embroidery for many many many years and am having to look up tutorial videos for every step but it is most absorbing and I am enjoying it thoroughly.

I have also bought a lot of fabric. Since Black Friday, I've gone pretty wild. Expect some upcoming Sunday Stash posts, if I can remember what day it is. But that's it, back on the fabric fast as of today. I have great sewing plans for 2015 but let's start with the month of January:

1) Bitches get Stitches swap. This is a fun little sweary swap I've joined on IG. Deadline to post is end of this month. I have a plan ....

2) STQB My blocks have been rolling in, I need to make mine and get this quilt whipped up for Siblings Together. I also have my January block to make of course.

December blocks so far for #stqb #siblingstogether

3) Another Geranium dress, this time for tiny girl. Fabric washed and ready, pattern is cut.

4) A 12.5" block for the Leeds MQG round robin. Need to get my brain in gear for this one.

5) Secret sewing commitments which I am most excited about. Looking forward to getting stuck in.

Phew! I have more posts to write in order to be able to link up with the FAL, so expect a flurry of activity here over the next few days.

Linking up with Fresh Sewing Day, although today has been a day neither of sewing nor of feeling fresh.

Fresh Sewing Day


  1. Mini Geranium dresses are the bestest, looking forward to seeing one in those cute fabrics! Congratulations on such a busy month despite sticky little fingers. Happy New Year :-)

  2. Happy new year Hannah! Loving all your makes as usual, especially the dresses! Feeling pretty 'special' after new year over here, but you're making me want to sew!

  3. Little girl dresses are so cute to make and I look forward to seeing the mini Geranium dress.
    I'll be restarting my fabric fast soon and I'm doing quite well at ignoring the online sales, but I might need a visit to Abakhan's sale first.

  4. That Go Anywhere Dress is so cute and love that embroidery. My daughter tends to ask for things and never wears them so I'm not sure I have the heart to make anything else for her!! Looking forward to seeing your upcoming makes :)


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