Monday, 1 December 2014

End of November, start of December

Ah, November. The month where I sewed more than I blogged. Which is an improvement on last month at least. In fact I have a whole backlog of posts to write up for the FAL, but hey, at least the items are getting finished!

Here's a sneaky peak of what I've been up to. As well as a lot of online Christmas shopping.

Top left is my Snowy Starry Night quilt, finished in September but finally revealed/ published this month in Fat Quarterly.

Top right - got my IGminiswap quilt all labelled and sent off. It should be with its recipient any day now so i will be able to share properly soon. Happily I remembered to take photos before I sent it!!

Middle left -  boring but necessary pouch commission all done.

Middle right -  the ever hilarious Hannah and I started and finished our Super Totes in two marathon sewing sessions. Post to come soon, I promise.

Bottom left - my faintly festive giant churn dash which still shamefully needs the binding sewing down.

Bottom right -  November's STQB block for Nicky which I managed to procrastinate on till the last minute, most unlike me, I blame the partial seam!

And looking ahead to Deecember ...

1) STQB. It's my month. My block isn't made and my post isn't up. Watch this space, I have a plan I promise!

2) Faintly festive churn dash. The tree is up,  the other Christmas quilt is on the sofa (and has already had a banana squashed on it today). That binding needs sewing down asap.

3) A whole ridiculously long list of pyjamas, dresses and tops that I would quite like to make for the girls, and possibly even for me. By Christmas. Ha.

4) My Christmas handwork project. We are away a lot over Christmas, which has its positives but I do feel very irked that I have lots of downtime but no ability to do my hobby when away from home. So I bought this at the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show.

It's by Nicola Jarvis and is a crewel work kit. I think it's rather beautiful, as are all her designs. I haven't done embroidery for about 25 years and have never done crewel work ... I bought the smaller version mainly due to cost, but having inspected its teeny tiny-ness I am rather regretting that. Anyway, we will see!!

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  1. Gorgeous makes! I love those super totes, well done to you both for getting made in such a short time!!!
    Can wait to see all the ig minis popping up in their new homes!

  2. I really like the snowy starry night quilt and I love the block you made for Nicky as well.

  3. Love your little bird! I have recently started a tapestry cushion that I started when I was pregnant back in 2010! I have completed exactly 10cm square of it ahaha! Still, it will be lovely when it's done in 2020 :) Loving all the bags and especially Nicky's block :)

  4. I really like the snowy starry night quilt. It is a beauty. Hope you find enough time to work on the bird!


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