Tuesday, 11 November 2014

We have a finish!

Just a little one. Those commissioned open wide zip pouches that I have been procrastinating over for the last few weeks. The motivation this week of a little cash to spend at a Temple Spa evening gave me the nudge I needed to turn these:

into these:

I am really pleased with the finish on these, though they really aren't my favourite things to make. Getting that zipper to lie perfectly takes some fiddling and I have a quite unreasonable aversion to boxing corners. This is the small size, with a double layer of interfacing for structure, and with the corners boxed just 1.5". As always I used this awesome tutorial for perfect zipper tabs to get the neatest finish I could.  

So not the most enjoyable sew, but a satisfactory finish.

And a tick off the FAL Q4 list, hurrah!  


  1. Yey, well done! I quite like boxing corners now that I can get them to look fairly even...

  2. Well done, I find anything I have to do bores me, it's a terrible demotivator! At least now it's done you can move onto a fun project :o)


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