Wednesday, 1 October 2014

I'm done

So regular readers will know, as I harp on about it frequently, that in December last year I signed up for Fabriholics Anonymous. A pledge not to buy fabric for 6 months, with a possible extension to 12. A fabric fast indeed. You can read all the nitty gritty rules here.

And I've stuck to it, I really have. I am quite a tenacious sort and when I set my mind to something I generally see it through. The end of June came and went and I decided to press on, as all my original reasons for fasting stayed valid, still so many planned projects with fabric bought and waiting. I think I've done pretty well. And frankly it's starting to feel like I am the only person still fabric fasting in the entire blogisphere. Everyone else has fallen/ leapt off the wagon. The link ups stopped months ago. Just poor little me left in my joyless non purchasing world.

I have bought some permitted items recently. My only fabric purchases at Festival of Quilts were for a secret sewing project. I turned down a lot of bargains and it was mildly disappointing, if eminently sensible.

I've also splashed out on some fabrics for my effort in the #IGminiswap, as my partner has such wildly different tastes from me that a quick peek at my stash revealed it contained absolutely nothing at all that she would like. That was both fun, pushing myself out of my comfort zone and into someone else's shoes, and again mildly disappointing, given the amount of gorgeous fabric that I haven't bought for myself this year.

I keep looking at this stack. And procrastinating. And looking again. Way out of my comfort zone but I think it could be awesome. #igminiswap #teamrosanne

And then last month my lovely Grandma died, and I just though: Sod it. I'm done. My stash is full of prints I haven't used during the last 8 and a half months. Many prints that I have looked at repeatedly and known I will never use. But I've held onto them, because when nothing's coming in it's hard to let anything go. And I was stalling on stash busting projects due the same hoarding tendancies and so I decided it just really needed a bit of  revamp, an injection of something new. A 25% off bundles voucher for Pink Castle Fabrics was the clincher. So off I went.

I decided to go for some colour coded stash building bundles. I have long debated joining the Pink Castle stash stack club but frankly the thought of paying for a half empty flat rate envelope each month makes me wince. And there, in the in stock bundles section were some leftover bundles. I went for half yard half stacks -  a half yard is my preferred stashing cut and I wanted maximum colour options.


Dots, sketch and squared elements among others! Love.

Yellow (this is proper buttery yellow not citrussy yellow):

More sketch, woodgrain and minimalista plus others

And green:

Lizzy House jewels - my favourite ever blender and binding print. Plus dots, stripes and bigger scale prints.

And then because I have a policy of always filling a flat rate envelope to the very brim I added this mini bundle of Cotton and Steel basics, FQs this time.

Metallics, yay!

I'm really not done. It is my birthday this weekend and there are lovelies on the way, plus some pennies to spend at Simply Solids. I'm saving up for Katy's Priory Square collection and hoping to indulge in the Black Friday and Christmas sales too. Then that will be it, I'm going to restock on my basics, rebuild my stash, scratch that itch and start 2015 back on the fabric fast wagon. Because I need to sew, not just shop.

And because I need to fund this little habit, I've been doing some IG destashing which will be ongoing.

This has all sold, follow me on Instagram for more in the future!

Oh I'm and selling all the baby stuff too. Sob.


  1. great planning and canny sales buys! x

  2. I was on the fabric fast too. Done much better but have been off for the last month or two. I think I need to purge more! You made some great additions!

  3. I don't what happened to the link-up it's a shame because I found it useful. I've not really fallen off, ok I bought a couple of bits at FOQ and then a few pieces at the show here last weekend, but I'd say that my habits have changed (but my stash is no smaller!). Anyway lovely stash additions especially those yellows, I have very little yellow and rarely the right one! Enjoy and embrace the next stage of your children's lives.

  4. You did brilliantly! I would have fallen off the wagon by the end…no make that beginning of January!! But I have been better this year and not just buying for buyings sake!
    Those bundles are perfect, heres to using the stash and buying rarely!!

  5. WOW! That's a mammoth effort - well done! I've been on a self imposed fabric diet for that last couple of months and it's only now starting to really bug me, but I have way too much fabric and need to use it. I love the fabrics you purchased for your swap partner. I am always on the look out for some nice yellows and that bundle looks fabulous. I love that rose fabric you destashed - I've never seen it before. Enjoy your new fabric fondling :)

  6. I think you did so well, Ive been sewing from my stash and scrap basket for ages now, have had to buy solids as they are pretty thin on the ground, love a good sale and PC always have good ones :)May I ask what the pattern is your pic? looks good :)

  7. Oh mannnn I've missed your destash haven't I? Sorry to hear about your gran, you definitely deserve a treat for all of the fabric abstinence!


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