Friday, 10 October 2014

Finish Along quarter 4

The year seems to go by very quickly when you measure it in quarters, and so here we are at Q4 of the Finish Along, bravely hosted this year by Katy at The Littlest Thistle. Time to lay out goals for the very end of the year. I've said before that I am generally something of a completer finisher, I don't have *that* many WIPs laying about and I really, really hate a UFO. So let's have a look at them and see if I can end the year with no WIPs. Ha.

1) #IGminiswap

An easy win to start off with, not only is this a commitment with a deadline but it's also actually well on its way to being done, having made great progress with it this week. Just the binding to choose, make and add and then I need to store it carefully and not forget to post it at the start of December!! I am thoroughly enjoying the process of working outside of my usual comfort zone and thrilled to see how this is turning out.

2) Pouch commission

I don't do commissions, ugh, but these are for a great friend and ex Temple Spa colleague and will be worth their while in Temple Spa products. Five Noodlehead open wide zip pouches. Fabric all chosen and cut, should be easy enough, right? Once the mini quilt is done these are next, I want them done and out of the way asap. 

And now onto the longer standing WIPs ...

3) Vaguely festive giant churn dash

This one's a double rollover. And we are now actually heading towards Christmas, so I'd better get it done, hadn't I? The girls would be thrilled with a Chrismassy quilt to snuggle under.

I was so excited to start this, I can't even remember why it got set aside.

This is a proper UFO, ugh. It's the 2013 Skill Builder BOM from Pile O Fabric. The blocks aren't finished and none of them are quilted. Why the appearance on the FAL list?? It is a QAYG quilt, and the quilting called for is FMQ. Not my thing at all, but tomorrow I am lucky enough to be going on a FMQ workshop with the highly impressive and respected quilter Trudi Wood. And if Trudi can't teach me to FMQ, no one can. So as well as my practice sandwiches for tomorrow I have my already basted BOM blocks. And if I don't crack FMQ tomorrow I'll be wonky straight line quilting the little buggers and calling it done. 

And because I can't resist the lure of something new ...

5) I can't stop thinking about making myself a Super Tote. Even though I should be focussing on the WIPs above, I'm torn. But it's Purse Palooza at the moment. Always a great reason to make a bag.

Well I have fabric, and pattern, so let's add it on for luck. 

I think that's enough to be going on with! Linking up with Katy of course. 


  1. Loving the Aviatrix too! Sometimes you just need to ignore everything and make something for you :) The fabrics look a lovely choice

  2. A great list, I still haven't even started my Aviatrix, so many projects....

  3. Wow, loving the medallion. Can't wait to see you get these finished (you can do it!).

  4. A beautiful list. I still haven't started my IGmini yet :-0 better get my arse in gear!


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