Monday, 6 October 2014

Finish Along Q3 round up

Time to reflect back on my sewing efforts over the Summer! Feels like Autumn is well upon us now with a day of howling wind and rain here in Yorkshire (joys!). Let's see how I got on with my Q3 FAL list

1) Siblings Together quilts.

All finished and blogged here.

2) Teacher gifts

Nothing like some end of term pressure to get some tedious gift crafting out of the way. Finished and blogged and here's an appalling photo as proof!

3) Secret quilt

This is done, but as predicted I can't share yet!! So that's a FAL entry fail, but a huge personal Summer sewing success!

4) Other secret EPP sewing. This is a fail on every count. I lost the will to live with it, sorry. 

5) Roundabout mini

Hurrah! Finished, blogged and happily on my wall.

6) Travel duffel 2

Finished and blogged! I am extra happy about this as it was a rollover. I hate UFOs!

7) Vaguely festive giant churn dash

Absolutely no progress whatsoever. Not even touched. 

So that's officially 4 out of 7 which isn't bad at all! 

Linking up with Katy at The Littlest Thistle and starting to put together plans for Q4. Can I end the year with no WIPs???

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  1. We have howling wind and dust here in Spring in South Australia. Autumn is usually our calmest season. Rain, well that mostly falls in winter and we didn't get heaps of that this year. I hope you are keeping warm.


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