Friday, 26 September 2014

Friday finish - Travel Duffle 2

Ooof this finish has been a long time coming. I made a Studio Cherie Travel Duffle bag back in April this year, and even though it was a bit of a battle I quickly forgot that and pulled fabrics for another one.

I had bought a couple of metres of this Kokka Ladybug print (From Stamped by Ellen Luckett-Baker) to make cushions for my ladybird mad mother-in-law. In the event I made her a Supertote instead and therefore still had plenty of yardage left to make a fun travel bag for the girls to share.

Linen and Ladybug Super Tote

I cracked on and made the hessian handles as before, then ground to a halt. I don't know why really, but this project has languished on my Finish-Along list ever since. I picked it up again this month, when I was procrastinating on some mentally challenging secret sewing, and even took it as my sewing day project with Leeds MQG. I learnt from some of last time's mistakes, but not all of them. Used Kona Snow again for the lining as I had nothing else big enough. But hey, it's just the inside of a bag isn't it? And this inside of this bag always looks like a dog's dinner as it's unlined, so no point wasting any good stuff! I did remember to cut my lining a little bigger. I also remembered not to bind my end pieces until the pockets were on. This time I added two end zipper pockets but skipped the (uselessly small) side pockets. 

Let's see if I can turn these into a bag today ..... #travelduffle #travelduffel #sewing #travelhandmade
3 quilts which miraculously become a bag ...

Yet again, the final construction of this was epic. I broke 3 needles, had a million skipped stitches, fell out with it and chucked it in the corner of my sewing room while I got on with meeting my September deadline. That (almost) done, I picked it up again tonight, got lucky with a new needle and managed to get one of the ends firmly attached. 2 more broken needles on the other end but it is DONE. Seriously, I love making bags but my machine hates it so much, it breaks my heart. #shouldaboughtajuki

I do recommend this pattern, really I do. This is the best sized bag for a weekend away if you can't pack light and the way the handles wrap round to support its weight is very clever. It is a bit of a puzzle, and definitely requires a sew through anything machine, but it is a very satisfying thing to have made.

I'm afraid it is dark here already now and I was being impatient to get this post up so the photos are a bit lacking, apologies. This has 2 quilts and 2 cushions in and isn't even full!!

Simple cross hatch quilting in matching Aurifil #2000

I topstitched along the main zipper again to secure the flaps down.

I'm sure the zipper tabs on the other weren't as big as these!

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  1. I love this bag. I have never made one this big before. Definitely an inspiration!

  2. Isn't it satisfying to finish something that has given a bit of trouble along the way. The bag looks great. And I love that ladybug fabric!

  3. Well done on finishing it and not hiding it away again! I can't imagine your frustration at those broken needles. My Horizon was find stitching through 4 layers of denim and 2 of quilt weight cotton on my Supertote and then 8 layers of denim on a soft book. Have you tried different needles (I think your answer is yes)?

  4. I adore that fabric -- thank you for introducing me to it! I have the Super Tote pattern ready to go, but your post has me rethinking my fabric selections. : )

  5. So this is the second time you've made me want to try this pattern! Unfortunately I doubt I'd be able to find such a great print to use though. Bugger on the machine front though :0( #iwontrubitinthatiactuallyhaveajukithatidontusehalfenough ;0)

  6. Congrats on the finish, alas on the needle munching properties!


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