Monday, 1 September 2014

End of August, start of September

I totally missed August's Fresh Sewing Day as we were still away on holiday, but that's okay because July was just a frantic rush of Siblings Together quilts, teacher gifts and holiday of course.

August has been surprisingly productive, all things considered. And by all things, I mean of course the school holidays, but also the priority secret sewing which cannot be shown.

So that's a finished Roundabout quilt
A started and finished flannel baby quilt.
A getting ahead of myself September STQB block.
And August's STQB block too of course.

And looking ahead with my plan for September.

1) Secret sewing project -  yes, I know, it's boring, but also exciting too!

2) #IGminiswap I have till December for this but I want to get on with it while the ideas are fresh.

And then I should try to tackle some of those outstanding WIPs really so for the sake of hopefulness:

3) Travel duffel 2

we've seen this photo a lot, haven't we?

4) The vaguely festive churn dash
I may take this to work on next week at Leeds MQG. It isn't even hard.

5) Aviatrix medallion
Or I may take this, because I am waiting for new rotary blades and this is all cut out.

But really, truly, I have a deadline to meet, a big girl back at school tomorrow, a baby who has dropped her nap (19 months! she's 19 months old!) and I'm doing another Whole 30 this month too so I'll be cooking plenty. I'd better focus on getting that secret sewing done. So if I'm silent, that's what I'm doing!

Linking up with the lovely Lynne who I finally met at Festival of Quilts last month! Which was a pleasure, of course.

Fresh Sewing Day

Oh and my Roundabout pattern giveaway is still open till Friday September 5th so please click over and take part! 


  1. Lovely ladybugs and Aviatrix. Have fun!

  2. I really like your postage stamp quilt. The mix of colors are great.

  3. oh love that Aviatrix !! all gorgeous work as ever of course! x


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