Monday, 4 August 2014

Back from hols!

Hello everyone! Goodness it's been a while, I've been on my holidays. Nowhere exotic, just the Costa del Dorset where we were blessed with truly wonderful weather. 

Lots of this:

And fish and chips and ice cream and sun cream and hat wars (what is it with 18 months olds and hats?!). And then it all ended rather badly with an episode of D&V for big girl and husband (in a caravan, joys!) and then this:

Turns out it was my fault, I had driven the husband's huge car to the shops a couple of times and stalled it and apparently that offended it and so lights came on. So it got towed, and the van too, and we got 7 hours in awful traffic in a hire car and a v welcome overnighter at my parents' house. Phew, all fixed now and we are HOME. Not unpacked, but the school hols stretch ahead of us with fun times, free time and Festival of Quilts on Saturday. Who will be there??

Anyway the point of this post is to say that actually yes I did do some sewing before going away on holiday. We literally set off at 4pm on the Friday that school finished so it was super hectic, but I managed to squeeze in my Siblings Together Bee blocks:

And I finished the teacher gifts too:

I'm sorry, this is a rubbish picture. I was shattered, and stressed, and had a bit of a barney with the school about an 'issue' that last week so felt a bit meh about it all really. But it's 3 large Noodlehead open wide zip pouches filled with Hotel Chocolat treats for the PPA cover teacher and the 2 TAs. My sweet girl did some detective work to find out their favourite colours so I was pretty confident they would be well received and they were.

And for DD1's lovely reception teacher there was the Dottie quilt.

I found it so hard to know whether this would be right for her, it is so difficult to judge some one else's aesthetic when you don't actually know them! But I decided to just go for it, she has been a really lovely teacher and my daughter adores her. So I got her to hand write a little label which I boldly/ stupidly hand embroidered.

See how I cleverly made it look like it was actually sewn by a 5 year old? Ha. 

Anyway she was utterly delighted with it which was really, really lovely. Always hard to give homemade gifts but definitely worth it this time.

The teacher gifts were on my Q3 FAL list so that's a finish, tick! 


  1. I can't believe that you made a whole quilt as an end of year gift - she must have been a really good teacher!

    Isn't a British holiday fab when you have the right weather? Sorry about the d&v and car trouble, but you're home now and that's what's important :0)

    Hope to bump into you on Saturday x

  2. Glad the hols were overall good, the end sounds a little shaky, but glad you're back :o)


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