Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Finish Along Quarter 3!

After declaring a partial success on Q2 it's now time to lay out my plans and ambitions for the upcoming 3 months of this year. I enjoy this process, it gives me some focus, and I'm linking up with Katy at The Littlest Thistle to keep myself accountable (and perhaps be in with a chance of winning some awesome prizes at the end of Q3!!).

Okay, let's start with the urgent stuff.

1) Granny Square quilts for Siblings Together with Leeds MQG.

These have been made using some blocks we put together at our last Leeds MQG sewing day. I brought all 48 blocks home and have sashed, basted and quilted both tops . Phew. All that remains is to make the binding and get them bound and labelled! I'll be on with that this week as they both need to get finished up at our sewing day this coming Saturday - the lovely Karen is going to take them to Fat Quarterly Retreat to hand over to Siblings Together so they need to be done! Obviously this is a group project but I chose to shoulder responsibility for them so I think this is a legitimate goal!

2) Teacher gifts.
I have to admit that gift crafting is not my favourite. But still, here we have 3 Noodlehead open wide zip pouches in various stages of unfinished-ness. 

I already have the Hotel Chocolat goodies to go in these so I need to resist the temptation to give up and just give the chocolate. I am not feeling the love for these. I haven't made one for a while and as soon as I got going I remembered why. It is a brilliant and easy tutorial but these are not my friends for some reason. Much unpicking of seams. I always muck up the boxed corners. How?! have no idea. My zippers look rubbish. I made the large size and wish I hadn't OR I wish I'd thought about it a little harder and done them with a contrast (linen?) bottom. Just MEH. Maybe I could pretend they are DD1's handiwork ....

Okay, immediate obligations out of the way (that will probably take me up to my upcoming Summer holiday) and we're onto the exciting stuff. Secret sewing, for the first time ever for me. These have an end of September deadline (though I'm not sure if I'll be able to share them by then, hmmmm). But anyway.

3) Secret quilt

4) Secret sewing project. This may involve EPP. Hold onto your hats people. 

And then for the sake of just in case, because of course I'll have so much time to sew over the Summer holidays and first term of school, a roundup of the WIPs and stragglers from last time.

5) Roundabout mini quilt

I tested this awesome pattern for the lovely Jess at The Elven Garden. Pattern to be released very soon, but shamefully my mini is not yet finished. Pieced, yes. Basted, yes. Quilted .... NO. Always the quilting. I am considering hand quilting it. Is that insane? I need some handwork for my holiday. Any ideas on design, links to tutes etc please??

This pic may help.

I would love to see this finished and on my wall by the end of Q3.

6) Travel duffel 2 (rollover from Q2)

I wish this bag were made and ready to pack for my holidays. It is not. 

7) Vaguely festive churn dash (another rollover)

This is very unlikely indeed. But hey, you've gotta be in it to win it, right? You never know. 

That will do I think! Linking up .... 


  1. Love the mini quilt! That pattern looks great, and you did a great job! Best of luck with all your projects this quarter!

  2. Great list! I've gone down the lazy route this year and have got wine and chocolates for the teachers!

  3. I love that mini. You should go for the hand quilting!


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