Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Finish Along 2014 Q2

Time for me to get accountable and join in with the infamous Finish Along!
Finish Along 2014

I can be quite determined when I make a plan so expect this to be both achievable and achieved. Famous last words eh?

1) Playground quilt.

Why have I not finished this yet? It just needs the binding to be sewn down. It has been sat in a pile in this state for about 3 weeks. The combination of dark binding, dark backing, dark thread and evening sewing time is putting me off. Needs to be done.

2) Sparkling cider voile.

As above. Unfinished and therefore unusable. Very annoying. Get it finished Hannah!

3) Travel Duffle 2 

Barely had I finished one when I cracked on with another. Why? I don't know really, it was a beast to make. So now, funnily enough, I have stalled. But not for long, because you can't have too much handmade luggage, right?

4) Dottie

Okay, I haven't actually started this one yet. But this is my project pile for our Leeds MQG sit and sew day this coming Saturday! I have had this pattern, the Hello Luscious layer cake and the border and background fabric for years. Easily 2 years. And it's just been sat on the shelf! I still love it, I still want to make it so with 6 hours of uninterrupted sewing coming up this is my plan. If I can figure out how to carry all my stuff that is.... Anyway once I've started, I must finish, so it's on the list.

5) Vaguely festive giant churn dash

I feel a bit MEH about this, and doubtful it will happen this quarter but I figured if it wasn't on the list it definitely wouldn't. I made these giant churn dash blocks as test blocks for my Siblings Together Bee quilt and had the idea to turn them into a *vaguely* Christmassy quilt. I am a bit of a humbug really but thought it would be nice to have a special quilt to pull out during the season of all things merry and bright.

So I have this stack:

And haven't made a single further block. They are easy really, but the fabric choices are paralysing me. Though looking at this stack again cheered me slightly so maybe, you never know!

Okay, that will do. Linking up with Katy ...


  1. Great projects Hannah! Can't wait to see the quilt finished!
    I'm cheering on the Christmas quit, I love getting out our one out and sadly never want to put it away after Christmas! What size are your churn dash blocks?


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