Sunday, 27 April 2014

Fabric wanties - or not!

So it's nearing the end of the month again and time for the monthly Fabriholics Anonymous link up and confession booth.


My word it seems a lot of you have leapt fallen off the wagon this month! Even our illustrious leaders Rebecca and Jess have caved, not even 4 months in ladies!! I guess it can be a diet, not a fast, eh?

So I know it's not nice but I am just a teensy bit smug that my fabric purchases for this month have yet again been zero. Sure, I've practically wiped out the haberdashery and notions section of Simply Solids and developed a serious (and expensive) addiction to Flatter, but not a single charm square of fabric has crossed the threshold of this house. And actually, it's been absolutely fine.

I've got over last month's dressmaking fabric wanties thanks to overindulgence of my other addiction in the run up to Easter  - Cadbury's creme eggs and, indeed, rubbish chocolate in general. I currently have no desire whatsoever to make any clothes for my not very attractive waistline, even the ready to go Parisian top has been stalled until I manage to sort myself out. 

So instead I'm just really enjoying sewing rather than shopping. I'm hoping to have a 3rd April quilt finish to show you before the end of the month, and I'm getting super excited about the Aviatrix Medallion QAL with this utterly gorgeous stack of fabrics all ready to start cutting this week.

It makes me so happy to have pulled all this from my stash. I do have occasional panics about "what if I use all my fabrics?!" but truly, it's not very likely. Barely a dent has been made. Even pulling my precious Botanics for the Aviatrix isn't too painful because due to my obsession I actually bought a full half yard bundle. 31 half yards, to be exact. This project will use 15 fqs from the range. I'm good for Botanics for a while yet, phew ;-)

Shall we look a bit closer? After all, you are here to see fabric, right?

Okay so my background will be Sketch in Mist and my block accent will be Kona Snow. Basically because that's what I have in my stash in sufficient yardage (I panic stashed such basics in December!!) and because they work. Phew.

Blues L-R: Botanics; Lizzy House jewels; Architextures; Botanics; Kona Prussian

Oranges L-R: Unknown coral solid; Waterfront Park; Botanics; Botanics; Botanics

Greens L-R: Botanics; Scrumptious by Bonnie & Camille; Botanics; Botanics, Unknown solid

Yes, yes I need to label my solids better. Moving on.

Yellows L-R: Botanics; Botanics; Comma by Zen Chic; Moda Bella Cheddar; Botanics

And last but not least my neutrals:

Greys top to bottom: Kona Steel; Botanics; Riley Blake Willow; Botanics, Botanics

I got lots of helpful feedback on Instagram about whether or not to add in the solids or extra prints. I started with all Botanics but really wanted to expand on that for a couple of reasons. It is one of my ongoing goals and challenges to myself to work outside of fabric collections. Such creative decisions don't come easily to me but I have been much happier with the finished quilt whenever I have done this, it seems to add more sparkle when you mix things up. And I really wanted to ensure I had a really good range of values in each colour stack, from light through to dark, which I couldn't quite achieve with the collection on its own. It was so much fun playing with different options from my stash.

Oh and I will be buying a quilt back for this once it is time to baste it. Because it is huge, and I have nothing suitable big enough, and I am hoping to love it far too much to piece a mish mash of unwanted FQs together to back it! Just a heads up on that. But quilt backs are allowed anyway, right?

Now I need to finish up binding a quilt and then I can fully immerse myself in cutting happiness. After pressing all my lovelies with Flatter, of course ;-)


  1. Well done on the fasting - you've done so well you totally deserve being able to buy backing, it's totally allowed anyway. Looking forward to seeing this quilt progressing x

  2. I think you have every right to feel smug Hannah! Love your plan for the new quilt, gorgeous fabric choices :o)

  3. Love love love your fabric choices. The added solids and fabrics outside of the botanics are perfect! Can't wait to see how it all sews up (and I'm still SO afraid of this QAL but also excited to be participating!)

  4. Wow that's going to be a stunning quilt - go for some widescreen for the back, I used it and is was so wonderful not to piece it - aside from adding in the paper pieced letters!

  5. You're an inspiration- I fell off again. Not spectacularly, but very definitely.

  6. Hey. I know you!! Aren't we friends on Instagram? I'm always on a fabric diet. To stay "thin" I allow myself 1200 calories a month. HA! Love your taste in fabrics here. I covet!

    1. Hi Michal! Thanks for the heads up, I didn't get an email for some reason. Anyway, hi! I am usually I total fabric binger, no limits, so this is new for me!!!

  7. You are doing a great job on your diet! Love all the lovely fabrics!

  8. Amazing! I am thinking about doing that quilt along too and using Botanics. I have so many things started so I have not fully committed. I will be looking forward to your progress.

  9. Great job on your fast! And I loved seeing your pretty fabrics. :)


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