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Quilty bucket list

I've seen several posts on this as part of the just about to end blog hop at The Tilted Quilt and, as intended, it has got me thinking.

The Tilted Quilt

So I've been mentally composing this list over the last few weeks, well refining it really as I'm sure every quilter already has some ideas of what's on their "must-do" as well as their "to-do" lists.

There is so much awesome quilty inspiration out there on Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest as well as all the blogs that it can be pretty hard to narrow down. So, I've got a couple of categories. The first is the "to-do" list. Upcoming quilts, things I have in my mind, in the planning, which might just need a little nudge to start to actually happen. Sometime soon. Ish.

And the second is, I suppose the real bucket list. The aspirational quilts, the complex, challenging, out of my comfort zone quilts. The sort that make me actually gasp whenever I see versions of them. The quilts I really hope I will make ... but probably not this year. 

So, with that in mind..

1. Another Thimbleblossoms quilt.
I love Camille Roskelley. I love her patterns, her fabric (of which there is no where near enough in my stash), her Craftsy classes. I LOVED Swoon. Her patterns are just that combination of traditional and modern that appeals to me and she designs them carefully to ensure super simple piecing. One of the things I adore about piecing is when something that looks hard is actually very straightforward and I felt Swoon ticked that box for me. Tempting as it is to just make another Swoon I feel I should really try something else and I actually treated myself to a few of her patterns when she had a recent 20% off sale.

Top of the list is Puddle Jumping.

Puddle Jumping quilt

I just adore the limited palette that Camille used on this one. One of my ongoing quilty goals is to work from my stash, outside of the fabric lines that offer such an easy option for me.

Adrianne had a little giveway on Instagram the other night that challenged us to pull together a bundle. I had seen a striking grey and yellow quilt while cruising the WIP Wednesday round ups and that inspired me to pull this stack.

I'm not sure if yellow and grey will be the way forwards for this quilt, we will see. I'd like to try working more with limited palettes but also need inspiration - what's your favourite??

I also bought Round and Round


I love that this uses charm squares. I have a whole pile of charm squares from a rainbow swap I was in a couple of years ago and I keep thinking about a rainbow Round & Round, maybe like Kristy's

Or maybe with each circle in a different colour ....

I did actually get a bit carried away and also bought On a Whim, Fireworks and Mini Swoon. Oh and Camille has some new patterns out now, I love Red Letter Day and Rise and Shine. But let's try and keep this list vaguely realistic, shall we?

2. A Granny Square quilt.

Image from

I love this classic pattern, and just last week I won a copy of Lori Holt's new book, Great Granny Squared. I'd had my eye on this and had entered every giveaway for it I could find and so was utterly delighted to get lucky on Kerry's blog!

I suppose I could easily start pulling from my stash and make this up asap, but I really do love the vintage prints that Lori uses, and would really love to sew this up in 30s repro fabrics. This kinda thing.

Both images from where you can buy all these pretties

Of which I own none, so that would have to wait until Fabriholics Anonymous is over. Meh. 

3. Another medallion quilt.
Last year's Marcelle Medallion was such an amazing piecing challenge, so much fun to make. I must confess to sometimes getting a little weary of piecing together rows of quilt blocks (hence why I favour large block quilts!) and the way a medallion quilt comes together is entirely different and very pleasing. I wasn't sure *which* medallion exactly but then Sarah posted her completed Made to Measure top on Instagram.

I have seen these before but wasn't sure where the pattern was from, apparently it is Sarah Fielke's Hand Quilted With Love. Best get that on the Amazon wishlist. 

4. Something with curves.
I've never pieced curves. I don't know why really, I'm not particularly scared - maybe I should be? I think the cutting puts me off more than the sewing to be honest.

Retro Flowers, perhaps? Love this.

Image from

5. Swedish Bloom quilt.
From Ayumi Mills' book Patchwork Please.
I bought this adorable book just for this pattern after watching Kerry's blocks pop up on Instagram and loving every single one of them.

Her finished quilt is stunning.

I do enjoy foundation paper piecing but a whole quilt? I'll have to psych myself up for that one!

6. Something by Jen Kingwell.
This is the big one, isn't it? There are so many amazing versions of her amazing quilts and completing one of these would tick so many learning boxes as well as being a huge accomplishment. Traditional piecing, hand piecing, applique, curves. I've wavered over ordering a pattern, but just cannot decide which!

^^ go check these lovely ladies out on Instagram by the way, they are so talented.

I can't see me making them all, but how do I choose?!
I'm quietly keeping my ear to the ground for the next Amitie BOM club just in case it is some amazing new pattern.And in the meantime, changing my mind every time I see a new one version of each of these pop up online!

And lastly 7. APQ Tone It Down Quilt.

You know I love a good QAL, and I have seen so many awesome versions of this popping up.

Lissa's original version

I love Camille's version of course
As this was published in an American Quilting Magazine I wasn't sure how to get the pattern (though I might be able to get it digitally?). Apparently though it is basically a scrappy version of this block so if I engaged my clever head I could probably figure it out. Maybe when I start getting a bit more sleep!!

Phew! I feel rather exhausted now. But really glad to have got this written and all these ideas out of my head.
Thanks for reading! What's on your bucket list??


  1. double wedding ring-Paris flea market
    Something Amish, I have two sampler patterns
    Something with the quick curve ruler

    That's this week!

  2. Oh my. After reading your bucket list, my bucket list just got a lot longer! I might be moving Steampunk right up to the top!

  3. Fantastic list! I'm planning on making Made to Measure too :o)

  4. I love the Swedish Blooms quilt. I keep waiting for Mrs Emmens to finish her one which looks fabulous from the glimpses I have seen in the background of some of her pics! It's quite a list you have here - maybe you should pull one out of a hat to start with ;)

  5. You can get the last pattern digitally- I bought the mag for the quilt on the cover which I have actually started making....

  6. Your not helping my list to be narrowed down at all, although I've lots of the same on my list as yours!!
    And I'm really glad I'm not the only one who when Thimble Blossom mad on her 20% sale! I got 2 minis and Puddle Jumping!! I forgot to get Round & Round, have you seen this version? It's brilliant!


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