Monday, 30 June 2014

Finish Along Q2 round up!

Seriously, how are we half way through the year already? Time is flying, and has run out on my grand plans for finishes in quarter 2.

I looked back at my initial list with some trepidation as I have been very distracted sewing-wise lately. Things aren't as bad as I feared however!

1) Playground Quilt.
All finished and blogged here.

2) Sparkling Cider voile quilt.
Also finished and blogged here.

Both these only needed the binding sewing down so were easy wins really, but much appreciated ones as they are both in daily use and much loved. The "silky quilt" as my daughter calls it is particularly adored.

3) Travel Duffle too. No progress. At all. And I go on holiday in 2 weeks. With too much to do to even consider tackling this. FAIL.

4) Dottie quilt.
All finished and blogged here! 

This was just a pile of fabric when I wrote this list so particularly pleased to have it done. And I've finally decided to gift it to my daughter's lovely reception teacher as she has been so wonderful for her this year. Watch this space for a truly touching hand embroidered quilt label .....

5) Vaguely festive churn dash.
This was a bit of a wild card so unsurprisingly, no progress whatsoever.

So 3/5 for my first ever FAL. Not bad, but as a self confessed completer-finisher I feel I could/ should have done better. Time for a bit of focus for next quarter, the WIPs are piling up here.

Off to link up with Katy at The Littlest Thistle for the finish along party!


  1. All beautiful makes here Hannah :)

  2. Oh Dottie is gorgeous. I have the pattern and bought a Hello petal layer cake by Aneela Hoey to make it. It's going to be for my three year old niece. Just have to get time to work on it.


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