Friday, 2 May 2014

End of April, start of May

Time for another little monthly round up and to link up with the lovely Lynne.

Lily's Quilts

This month looks quite impressive really, with three quilt finishes. Of course two of them were done all but for hand sewing the binding, but still, a win's a win, right?

So we have the Playground quilt and the Sparkling Cider quilt both finished and very much loved. I've also finished the Dottie quilt and promise a post on that over the weekend, just need my assistant (husband) around to help me get some half decent photos. 

Lots of blocks for Siblings Together this month. Some St Louis 16 patch blocks for Hadley. A little collection of wonky cross blocks for Susy and Mary. And I've snuck in early with May's block for the Siblings Together quilting bee because Nicky has been super organised and got her fabric out already. This is the last month of our lovely bee, 12 wonderful quilts made for this charity. In fact, if any of my bee mates are readying this, please go and have a look in the Flickr group, I've stickied a question for you all.

I feel so pleased to be involved with making quilts for Siblings Together

Siblings Together

For those that don't know, it is a UK based charity which aims to reunite the many many siblings separated by the care system. Every Summer they hold Summer Camps and give each of the children that attend a quilt of their very own. It is so easy to get involved if you would like to give a little back with your sewing this year. You can make a quilt, a quilt block or even just offer some fabric for someone else to do so. Lots more details in the Flickr group here. Please do go and have a read.

I also made some more quick baby bibs for a friend's baby girl and finally finished the Chev 'n' Hex block for the 2013 Skill Builder BOM!

Oh and I made a super little pressing board using Katy's easy tutorial and my husband's slightly terrifying staple gun.

A few confessions about planned items left untouched. Still not made any more knickers. Haven't started the Parisian top. Nor the cargo duffle. And, most shamefully, I haven't made any progress on my second travel duffle.

I am a bit cross with myself about this. It's on my Q2 FAL list and it really would make sense to have it done in time for our holiday in July so I need to not forget about it altogether! I just got really distracted by the Aviatrix QAL ...

Anyway, time to look forwards to May.

  • That Travel Duffle, as mentioned above.
  • My Aviatrix Medallion. This makes me happy happy. I am slowly ploughing through all the cutting and enjoying it very much indeed. I think that will occupy most of my sewing time this month.

So we'll leave it at that! Expect a rather blank mosaic in 30 days time ... !

Linking up with Lily's Quilts for Fresh Sewing Day and also the Small blog meet. And now I'm off to see what everyone else has been up to this month.
Lily's Quilts


  1. I love your hexagon chevron - gorgeous colours! The fabric you've picked for your Aviatrix medallion is lovely and I'm looking forward to seeing it grow. Now, go and make a start on your travel duffle!!

  2. Lovely quilts! I know the feeling about not finishing WIPs ! The travel duffle sounds interesting, hope you post pictures when you do finish it!'s no name and site option in the comments list)

    1. If you alter your Blogger settings to include your email then people can respond to your blog comments directly by email :-) saves you checking back. Also essential if you want to enter giveaways etc on Blogger hosted blogs. HTH :-)

    2. Ah - thanks - ok - I don't use blogger other than a way to comment when there is no other way. My blog is wordpress and I usually comment under name and site etc - but I will look at the instructions you have posted :)


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